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He was born in A Coruña. From a very early age he shows his interest for drawing and painting, participating, at the age of 13, in his first exhibition at the City Hall of Ferrol. He studied for becoming commercial expert, but never abandoned his passion, painting. Aurelio Lombera awarded a scholarship to him in his painting academy where, for five years, he shared classes with Rogelio Puente and other famous painters from A Coruña. Later, he attended five years to the studio of Vidal Lombán, a painter from Ourense based in A Coruña.

His painting is realistic, but more than mere plastic fun, its intention is to move the viewer from the objects and human figures to another depth. Hands, old shoes, fruits, clothing... are depicted in a hyper-realistic way, but they lose their real meaning to reach a sensory magnitude. Behind the Subjective Hyperrealism that Prieto defines, there is a certain surrealism, which relies on image-symbols and that transcends the appearance of objects to move us into a poetic and dreams world by choosing a work path similar to the one proposed by Magritte.

His work is part of numerous public and private collections, both in Spain and the United States. Among the public institutions are the Ministry of the Presidency of the Xunta de Galicia, the Government Delegation in Galicia (A Coruña), the Diputación de A Coruña, A Coruña City Council, General Directorate of Caixa Galicia (A Coruña), Presidency of Banco de Comercio (Madrid), General Directorate of Banco de Comercio (Madrid), General Directorate of BBVA (Bilbao), BBVA Zone Management (Vigo), BBVA Zone Management (Pontevedra), Jove Foundation and the Caixa Galicia Collection (A Coruña).